Why You Should Practice Yoga Everyday

Why You Should Practice Yoga EverydayI began yoga practice when I was quite young, so I have known for a long time how good yoga is for me. It is all based on how it makes me feel. Each time I do a yoga class, I finish off feeling fantastic. The practice changes my physical being, increases my focus and gives me added confidence in myself.

I used to do about two or three classes each week in college but it wasn’t until seven years on that I began doing a daily yoga practice. During those years I continued to learn yoga as well as teach it. I started to realise that if I missed a day of practice I would feel it by the noticeable physical and mental downturns I would experience.

Whatever you do, do not put off your yoga practice. If you love a class that you recently took and walked off feeling great, keep it up.

How to Develop a Daily Home Routine and the Benefits it Will Bring You

  1. It doesn’t cost anything!
  2. All you need to do the poses is a floor, the grass or a mat. You can do them anywhere – even when you are away from home.
  3. You don’t need special attire. Roll out of bed in your pyjamas and work out. It’s that simple!
  4. Do your daily practice with poses that are aimed at the areas you most need to work on. You can change your routine up as you need to. No class can offer this kind of custom work out for you because each person is different and has different needs every day.
  5. Are you still making excuses? You don’t have time, you are too busy, etc. Well, yoga can ramp up your productivity and all you need to do to fit it in your life is get up a half hour earlier every day.
  6. Yoga will boost your energy. You will also become more efficient because you will be more focused and relaxed all day long. A morning routine will boost your oxygen intake, increase your blood flow and move your physical energy more so that you get more done.
  7. Routine yoga practices get you to fall and stay asleep longer. When you bring your attention to the present, you will lower your cortisol levels and this helps reduce those distracting thoughts that keep a person awake at night!
  8. Yoga is good for building joint strength and for reducing the effects of ageing and bone density loss. If you fall, it is unlikely to turn into a tragedy thanks to yoga!
  9. Yoga is good for the feet. When you wear shoes all day, feet get sore and tired. Problems like pronated ankles, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain can all be stopped. Reflexology training courses teach you that reflexology coupled with yoga boosts the benefits to your feet!
  10. Get an immune system boost with yoga that lowers stress hormones which can harm it. Yoga also drains the lymphatic system and stimulates the heart and lungs.
  11. Improve your posture when you practice yoga. You will also relieve future back and neck tension thanks to yoga. Yoga poses help you to move with more grace and confidence every day.
  12. Get rid of anxiety and mental tension with yoga. You do lengthy inhales and exhales all while focusing your mind on the current moment. Getting used to this state keeps anxiety from seeping into your mind and body.
  13. Give yourself some healthy me time with yoga. Everyone can use this quality time to themselves especially if they take care of children or other family members. The more you take care of you the more you have to give to everyone else.
  14. Yoga reduces inflammation. When pro-inflammatory molecules are broken down, diseases like cancer, arthritis or fibromyalgia don’t stand a chance and research proves this.
  15. Give yourself a sense of purpose with yoga. One way to start your daily yoga session is to set your intention. Prime yourself with meaning for the day by stating something meaningful to yourself. It may be a simple intention to be present in each moment, thought and movement. Whichever intention you choose it will propel your session to greater emotional and spiritual heights for the day!

Yes, yoga really is that amazing!