Sports Activities in Barbados

Sports Activities in Barbados

Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches and happening nightlife. But it is also a great place to enjoy sports activities. A lot of active, sporty people are not content in staying within the confines of their Barbados small hotel. The rush of sports activities such as wind surfing or a relaxing game of golf can be enjoyed in the island especially because of the mild, sunny climate.


Since this island is a former English colony, cricket is a big sport in the island. It is in fact the national sport of the country. The whole West Indies are crazy about the sport. The Kensington Oval in the island is a world famous place were cricket fans from all over the world visit in order to watch world class cricket games. There are world famous matches that are held in this Caribbean country because it is one of the international centers of the sport. Thus, for people who love watching Cricket matches, the Barbados small hotel accommodation that they get should be very near this Kensington Oval. Ramnbarsh Sarwan, Pedro Collins, and Chris Gayle are just a few of the big names of the sport that came from the island. Catching an exciting cricket game in the island is easy. International matches or test matches happen regularly. There are also the local matches of the First division. For those who want to play the game for leisure, open field or even beach Cricket games are available all over the place.


Any golfer knows that a game of golf has a very important requirement. And this important requirement is mild, sunny weather. Barbados is a locale where mild sunny weather is to be had for the entire year. This makes the island a paradise for all golf enthusiasts all over the world. As proof of this, Tiger Woods, the best golfer in the world had his wedding in one of the golf course hotels in the island.

Some of the best golf courses in the world can be found in the island. With such facilities, golfers will find nothing more to desire. Those who are new to the sport can also get some professional help on their game since almost all the golf clubs in the island has professional instructor services. Just as in Cricket, there are also international golf tournaments that happen in the island. This makes things a lot more exiting to this sport’s aficionado.


This sport that is well loved by the British cavalry that was part of the island a century ago has become part of the island’s cultural heritage. The Polo Club of the country has been established so long ago in 1884. The sport is played with high level rules. Competition between the local teams is always fierce and international visiting teams usually come year round. There are several great fields in Holders, Water Hall, Lion Castle, and Clifton for those who want to experience the sport first hand.

With so many unique sports activities in the island, no tourist should just stay in the cramped confines of their Barbados small hotel room. Going out and living through the rush of these sports activities is part of the Barbadian experience.