Seven Rules for Holidaying with Children at a Caravan Park

When it comes to travelling as a family around Australia, nothing quite beats staying in a caravan park. The accommodation is sturdy enough to take the little ones and there are plenty of outdoor areas for them to run around in. The change in setting can also cause a lot of excitement to those who are bored of staying in hotels or jumping on cheap flights to the same destinations. But since you’re staying there with your kids, you will need to handle matters in the following manner.

Set Boundaries

The moment you arrive, it is essential that you tell your kids where they can and cannot go without supervision. For example, you might let your son go off to the bathroom by himself. On the other hand, he’ll need you there if he wants to go swimming. You can even set boundaries with infants while camping, as this tip works for all ages. Have a look at the various onsite facilities and then walk around to each, letting your children know where it is safe to go without you there.

Prepare Some Meals

Before you even depart, create some home-cooked meals and then store them in the fridge within your camper-van. In this way, your kids can have something to eat the moment you arrive. With full bellies, they will be far less irritable after a long journey on the road. This will save you a whole lot of hassle of having to deal with screaming kids while you are trying to cook something on your first night there.

Bring Entertainment

While the allure of travelling and staying somewhere new might be great, it won’t last forever. Thus, you should always make sure to pack some toys that your children can use. Depending on where you’re sleeping in Australia, the weather may also turn unpleasant. By packing some stuffed animals, board games and DVDs, you’ll then have something to do as a family even though it’s raining outside. Prepare for the worst and you’ll actually have a good time with your kids despite the weather!

Bring Additional Clothes

When it comes to children, you never know what to expect. To prepare yourself for emergencies, you should bring along two extra pairs of underwear, one extra top and one extra pair of pants for each child. Don’t worry if this adds to your luggage. Just remember that camper-van hire in Perth will provide extra storage space anyway. This means that you can easily fit in all the spare clothes that you need so you can dress your kid no matter whether they spill food or roll about in the mud.

Pack Extra Blankets

If your child is cold, there is no way that you’re going to sleep well. While camper-van hire firms may supply blankets with their vehicles, you shouldn’t rely on this. After all, your son or daughter might feel the cold a little more than others. To give your kid a comfortable night, bring along an extra blanket for them. If this is too bulky, you can always throw in some tracksuit pants and a jumper for them to sleep in if the nights get too chilly.

No Shoes Allowed

One annoyance on any family trip is a camper-van with dirt and mud all over the floor. This is especially likely with children running in and out all the time. There is an easy solution however: take your shoes off before entering the camper-van. This will keep the vast majority of the dirt outside. You can also sweep the interiors with a small broom on a daily basis to keep everything spotless during your trip.

Prepare Your Mind

While staying in a caravan park is a tremendous bonding experience for any parent, it’s not really a relaxing holiday. After all, you’ll have to supervise your children constantly, providing them with entertainment so they’re not bored. This isn’t to say this kind of road trip is a let-down. On the contrary, it’s a fun way to see the country with the whole family. Just don’t expect to be sitting back by the pool all day and you’ll be fine.

With these seven tips, you will be all set to explore Australia on a camper-van with your little ones. We wish you all the best on your next adventure!