Not Your Everyday Glass of Wine

I have many friends that like to keep a box of wine in their refrigerator. I cannot drink that type of wine because, even though I am not a wine connoisseur, I do think that type of wine is a little too bitter and definitely too acidic. There are many people that have tried me to get to drink a glass of wine from their home but I am a wine snob, and I only like to drink Cuvee. I find that there are many different different tastes and types of wine and the food that you eat while drinking wine can either greatly enhance your glass of wine or it could greatly diminish the greatness of quality. Boxed wines, I have found, do not do much of anything for me. I would like to go to France, in the Champagne region and I would like to see how they make my favorite glass of bubbly.

Last year I went to Italy for the second year in a row and I saw everything there was to see in Rome. We spent about five nights there and I found that was too long to stay in one city. We were going to go to a village outside the city, but there was an earthquake and we decided that we should probably stay in the city. While in Rome, I was able to taste different types of wines. Some were the most delicious I have ever tasted and others were very sour. No matter what my opinions were on the different wines, I know how lucky I am to be able to say that I went to the country of Italy and tasted some of the finest wine available to the world. It was a very humbling and amazing experience and I am so happy it happened.

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