The Best Winter Vacation Escapes for the Brits

The Best Winter Vacation Escapes for the Brits

If you live in Britain, the winter is most probably the time of the year that you don’t look forward to. Nobody wants to spend months trapped inside the house with snow pouring all around them, blocking the roads and preventing them from living their lives.

The wintertime is when most Brits look to escape the island and go somewhere with moderate weather where they can have a good time and explore new stuff. 

There are several places all across the globe that remain moderate even when there are sub-zero temperatures all across Britain.

For someone looking for the best winter escapes, you will never run out of places; there are literally tens of different destinations that you can visit from November to February and enjoy a perfect trip. 

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In this article, we look at some of the best winter escapes for the Brits that, along with helping you avoid the winter, will also provide you with a lot of stuff to do and numerous activities to undertake so that you are not bored. 

1. Visit Australia

Australia, without a doubt, is one of the best places to visit during the winters in the UK. One of the biggest reasons is the weather difference between the continent and the rest of the world. 

The climate in Australia is the exact opposite of the rest of the world, which means that when it’s summer around the world, Australia experiences winter, and when it’s winter in the rest of the world, the Australian continent experiences summer.

This reason alone makes the Outback the perfect place for travelers during the winters. You can simply fly into Melbourne and start your trip, enjoying the warm weather in the country.

From Melbourne to Sydney and other places, you will never run out of places to visit in Australia. The country offers neverending enjoyment along with tons of tourist attractions, ranging from museums to architectural wonders and other places; there is something for everyone in the country.

On top of all these things, Australia, especially Melbourne, is one of the most diverse places in the world; you can find cuisines from all across the globe here, making it the perfect place for anyone who loves food.

All these factors, along with countless others, make Australia the top escape for Brits during the chilly winters. 

2. Madeira, Portugal

If you want the ideal winter escape but are not ready to travel thousands of miles and need a nearby tourist spot that has a moderate temperature during the winters, Madeira, a small island off the coast of Portugal, is the place for you.

Boasting a rich natural landscape, the island is synonymous with peace and tranquility. Additionally, the temperatures during the winter here remain moderate and do not drop below the bearable limit.

Apart from nature and breathtaking scenery, Madeira also has a number of other tourist spots that you might find interesting. The football museum dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best places to visit on the island; with many of his awards being displayed there,11 you will have a great time if you stop by the museum. 

3. The Philippines

The Philippines, one of the most visited countries in East Asia, is another great place to visit during the winter. The country has a rich history; you will find tens of buildings from the Spanish colonial era that depict the colonial history of the country and the struggle that ensued when the independence movement started.

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a must-visit. On your trip to Manilla, you will get to explore the Intramuros, also known as the walled city, which was the seat of government during the colonial era. Inside the Intramuros is everything, from churches to forts and museums; there are countless unique historical places that will leave you amazed.

If you are someone who loves architecture, then you should consider going to the Philippines. Additionally, there are several unique markets with food items you will not find anywhere else. 

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is another East Asian country that one must visit once in their lifetime. The best time to visit Malaysia is none other than the winter, the temperatures during the colder part of the year range between 89 and 75 degrees, making it a great winter escape destination.

It is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in the world; there are countless different places within the country that are worth visiting.

The rich culture of the country and the colonial history from the British and Chinese rule is also worth exploring. On top of all these things, you can find some great places to stay in Malaysia that combine luxury with an unmatched traveling experience, making it the perfect destination. 

5. Thailand

Thailand is a country buzzing with life; it is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination that, along with offering some of the best views and sceneries, also provides you with a party life that is unmatched when compared to other places in East Asia.

The country offers a unique experience the likes of which you will not get anywhere else. If you love socializing and living the good life, you can visit Phuket and enjoy the nightlife that it has to offer. From parties to nature, Thailand has everything; it offers a great winter escape that you will never forget. 

6. Canary Islands

A Spanish territory located within the European Union, the Canary Islands can be found off the coast of Morocco. Boasting a moderate temperature, the Canary Islands is another great destination that you can go to during the winter.

The territory offers sandy beaches with rejuvenating sunlight that you can enjoy while sipping your favorite cocktail during the middle of the winter season in the UK. There are several other tourist destinations within the Canary Islands that you can visit to diversify your experience. 

7. Punta Cana

Located in the Caribbean, Punta Cana is situated across the Atlantic Ocean. It has recently become one of the most visited places in the Caribbean because of its beautiful sandy beaches and the unmatched cultural experience that it offers.

With tens of beaches, you can find several different views here that will leave you in awe. On top of this, the local art and culture are also worth exploring and make Punta Cana a unique tourist spot that one can explore in the winter season.