Best Recreation Parks to Visit in France

Best Recreation Parks to Visit in France

Do you love to travel and visit amusement or recreation parks? If yes, then France is the best place for you to see. There are several beautiful and fantastic recreation parks to visit in France. The good thing about these parks is that they come in different, you can be sure to get the natural aesthetic feeling of bliss from visiting them.

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You may also read reviews about these parks and many more places you would like to visit in France on review platforms. One of which is, a credible online review platform in Britain. Since this article is about showing you some of the best recreation parks to visit when you are next in France, let’s jump right in and explore the wonderlands in France.

1.  Disneyland Park Paris

One of the most fantastic recreation parks to visit in France is Disneyland Park Paris. It was formerly known as the Euro Disney Resort. It is one of the incredible and lovely sights to see when you are in Paris. It is located 32km east of central Paris. If you are looking for the best place to visit, think Parc Disneyland Paris. As the name implies, you will also get to explore different lands of wonders in this park. The park has five mysterious yet unique lands: Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Main Street, and Disneyland. You will also explore the beautiful Walt Disney Studios, which is next to Disney Park.

2.  Puy du Fou Park

The Parc du Puy du Fou is also one of the best recreation parks to include in your plans when you next visit France. It is a historical theme park in Western France. The park is a good centre of attraction that brings more than 2 million people every year. Thus, making it the second popular theme park in France after Disneyland Park. Another interesting fact about this park is that they offer dozens of shows every day. One of these fantastic shows is the show of sounds and light, including about 1480 actors and dancers to entertain the visitors for almost 2 hours straight.

3.  Futuroscope Park

Another lovely recreation park you may consider visiting when you are next in France is Futuroscope Park. This park is a French-themed park that prides itself on the use of audio-visual and cinematographic Futuroscope techniques. Apart from the 3D and 4D Cinemas available, the park also has other attractions and shows which draw millions of people to it every year. Some of the night shows include The Time Machine, The Forget to Stars, The Extraordinary Journey, Ice Age, Arthur, Dances, and Robots.

4.  Nigloland

The Nigloland is also one of the best recreation parks that you need to consider when visiting France. It is in Dolancourt. The park was established by two brothers, Phillippe and Patrice Gellis, on June 13, 1987. This park has about 39 attractions, 12 experiences, shows, and other lovely sights. One of the fantastic things about this park is that it offers different thematic areas for visitors to visit. These thematic areas include The Wonderful Village, The Village of Canada, The Swiss Village, and Rock’ n Roll Village.