Atlantic Coast Charters Is the Best Charter Bus Rental Company Near Me

Atlantic Coast Charters Is the Best Charter Bus Rental Company Near Me

When you look for charter bus rentals near me, you should know Atlantic Coast Charters offers door-to-door group transportation for schools, churches, sports groups, senior centers, travel agencies, political campaigns, and more. The company’s motorcoaches have premium comforts like reclining seats, ample storage space, and free WiFi.

Take a trip to Niagara Falls without the stress of a carpool caravan! JFK and LaGuardia airports have dedicated bus pickup areas to keep passengers organized.


When your group travels together, there’s only one better option than charter bus rentals. They provide safe, dependable transportation for any occasion, from class field trips to sports team travel.

For example, a charter bus rental can get your team to New York City sports games without the hassle of finding parking or getting separated on the subway. Your students will appreciate plush seats and amenities, such as TVs and DVD players, to screen educational videos during the ride.

A charter bus rental can also help you and your family travel from NYC to Washington, DC. This four-hour drive is a great way to see the country’s most significant historical sites and learn about American culture and politics. Plus, you’ll enjoy the comfort of reclining seats and ample storage space for luggage. And you won’t have to worry about splitting up your group or dealing with grumpy drivers. Depending on your itinerary, you can rent buses by the day or mile, whichever is more convenient for your group.


When traveling in a group, comfort is a top priority. Squeezing into rideshares for a bachelorette party sounds less fun than taking in the sights of Manhattan from a comfortable charter bus.

Visiting Atlantic City is always a blast, but it can be a stressful experience for groups trying to find the proper transportation. A charter bus makes the trip much more manageable, and you can add amenities like power outlets, reclining seats, a deck jacuzzi, and more.

Whether taking a tour of NYC colleges, such as Ivy League Columbia University, the alma mater of many acclaimed actors and actresses or heading to DC for a political rally, a charter bus will make those long road trips fly by. And with our 24/7 customer service, you can call for a quote any time of the day or night! Using the latest technology, OurBus taps into a network of high-quality bus owners and operators to find the best NYC charter rental at the lowest price.


Whether you must transport your company’s sales team for a two-day conference in New York City or your intramural sports teams to their next tournament, you can count on charter buses to keep everyone safe and comfortable. You can add premium amenities to your group transportation, such as free WiFi, reclining seats, flat-screen TVs, and onboard restrooms.

Buses can accommodate up to 56 passengers, making them the perfect choice for larger groups. They’re also more affordable than taxis, rideshare apps, and public transportation options. Depending on how far you travel, you can often rent a charter bus by the day or mileage.

If you’re traveling to NYC, look for “charter bus rentals near me” and take your group on a tour of the iconic American Museum of Natural History, or let them explore NYC’s famous galleries and exhibits. You could even visit Philadelphia for a trip down memory lane or treat your group to Hersheypark for family fun.