Online Travel Jobs – Securing Your Future in Online Marketing

With all the positive spin recently about the end being in sight for the recession, tomorrow’s graduates are looking towards industry speculation for their best chances of securing a job. While IT always features prominently on a ‘what’s hot’ list, online travel jobs, and more specifically Search Engine Optimisation, is being increasingly mentioned as an up and coming career choice for the next generation of workaholics. SEO covers a wide spectrum, and the opportunities to join this burgeoning industry can be as varied as writing and marketing, to web development and account executives.

Article Writer – Professor Shakespeare?

The process of writing viral link articles as a part of an integrated SEO link building programme has become a vital component of online travel jobs that, if done properly, can mean the difference between the success and failure of an online marketing strategy. As well as being engaging and informative, a link article needs to be topical for each particular client’s needs. Qualities needed for a good article writer are attention to detail; grammatical competence; excellent research skills; and of course, a talent for writing goes without saying.

Pay Per Click Specialist – Einstein in Armour?

If you have a head for figures, a knack for problem solving, initiative in abundance and a passion to learn, the competitive role as a PPC Specialist may be just where you’re headed in your quest for travel jobs. Positions in paid search are notoriously hard to fill with competent candidates, and the market is awash with fly-by-nighters claiming to be the next big thing in PPC. The truth is that it takes not only a quick mind but a resilient spirit to tackle this job, and successful PPC Specialists need to be on a continual learning curve to keep up with the fast-moving trends of the industry. You need to be able to think on your feet, as well as come up with innovative new ways to do things and follow them to fruition. One last thing; PPC is not for the faint-hearted. Dealing with massive budgets that could make or break a company can be a stressful part of the job.

Social Media Specialist – SEO Socialite?

If you’re a quick witted, quick thinking, social networker extraordinaire, then you’re already part way to what could possibly be your dream career! Social networking is becoming a large part of the online travel jobs sector, and the skills needed could easily evolve from an already existing interest (or preferably, obsession) in the commonplace tools of today’s Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, blogging and forums form the basis of how the online world communicates. Research has shown a trend towards this more personal approach to humanising online marketing and the clever SEO expert knows that, for the moment at least, it is definitely the way of the future. Travel jobs in Social Media will require you to lead the way in building online communities that not only inspire and nurture participation, but that continue to grow exponentially. No technophobes need apply because you will need to keep abreast of the latest trends in Social Media and jump in at the deep end. The advent of Social Media is changing the way people are using the internet and if you think it’s for you, “joining in the conversation” could take on a whole new meaning for your career.