Interstitial Cystitis Quiz

Interstitial Cystitis Quiz

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder condition that causes pelvic pain, urinary urgency and frequency, and bladder spasms. If you have this condition, it can be challenging to feel like you’re getting the right treatment from your doctor. This quiz will help you decide if your symptoms could mean you have IC or another type of bladder disease. At the end of each section is a question about how often your symptoms occur. You will then see the percentage chance that these questions represent IC or another condition.

Do you have a bladder infection more than 5 times a year?

Do you have a bladder infection more than five times a year?

If the answer is yes, then you may have interstitial cystitis (IC). IC is a chronic condition that causes bladder pain and other symptoms. It’s not related to STDs or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can get an IC diagnosis by talking with your doctor about how often you experience symptoms like pain during urination, frequent urination and/or pressure in the pelvis area. If these are common for you, then it’s likely that your bladder is inflamed or irritated–a condition called urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome (UCPPS).

Do you get pelvic or abdominal pain when your bladder is full or during urination?

The pain you experience with IC may be felt in the bladder, pelvis and lower abdomen. It can also be present when your bladder is full or during urination. If you have interstitial cystitis, you may …

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