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Miami Travel Guide: 6 Unusual Things to Do

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The gorgeous cityscape of Miami, besides its ever-popular beaches, has several other interesting sides to it. No doubt the beaches are what drive the majority of tourists to Miami. However, one should not ignore the fact that it is also a major arts, cultural, entertainment and financial center of Florida. Cheap flight to Florida means this city is easily accessible.

The city is known worldwide for the largest number of art deco buildings in the world. While museums and art galleries offer an insight into the cultural heritage of the city, a tour of the Downtown Miami Historic District offers a sentimental ride down the history lane.

  1. Coral Castle: If you love exploring sites and landmarks with unusual look and appeal, then go explore Coral Castle and its numerous megalithic stones. With interesting legendary tales of how the structure came into existence, you are likely to be left overwhelmed with an occult feeling.
  2. Ghost Hunting: Want to have a real supernatural experience? Go ghost hunting in Coconut Grove. The Ghost Tour of Coconut Grove will take you through tropical streets, and ancient hardwood hammocks in the dead of night. Spot graves, native pathways and a sacred spring along the way. Will you finally come to believe that there really are ghosts in Coconut Grove ?
  3. Miami Spring Break: Looking for something to get off the beaten path? Try something different this time. If you find it hard to stay away from the beaches, you can plan well to come here during Spring Break, an annual event that brings about a radical change in the partying atmosphere of the city. Join the party and have a blast.
  4. Everglades: How about a canoeing or kayaking experience in Everglades National Park? Explore the vast expanse of subtropical wilderness and witness crocodiles, manatees, panthers and tropical wading birds. Walking trails also exist if you like to explore on your own. If not, you can use a low-powered motorboat instead.
  5. Hialeah Park: It is quite unlikely that you include a trip to Hialeah Park Race Trackon a usual tour to Miami. But the place can be quite exciting and refreshing with its expansive size and beautiful surroundings. It is also one of the oldest existing recreational facilities in Florida. Moreover, here you get to see a large number of flamingoes.
  1. Miami Seaquarium: Although it is not a weird act to take a trip to Miami Seaquarium, you would certainly be under the grip of an unusual sense of awe upon seeing the amazing marine life. Explore the 38-acre animal wonderland, and spot animals that you have seen only on television. Age-appropriate shows double your fun with interesting facts and informative displays.

Explore the city for more attractions with bizarre features. There is no dearth of them. Those with lots of money can go to the extreme with experiences like zero gravity flights, a dinner in the sky, helicopter flights, yacht rides, and Everglades day safari. The … Read More

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Save on Necessities when You’re Traveling

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You know the routine: you get halfway to your destination and realize you forgot to pack your favorite pillow, swimsuit, or jacket. It’s too late to turn back, and your destination is known for its high cost of living. Do you have any options to paying top dollar for what you forgot to bring? Sure there are; you just have to use your imagination to find a solution! Here are some tips to save money on necessities you may have forgotten to pack:

Have someone at home ship the item to you. If you have a house sitter or family member handy they can send you the stuff for a reasonable rate; just have them address it to you in care of the hotel you’ll be at.

Look for a local resale or consignment shop. Often you can find exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost, and won’t have to wait for shipping times to get it. Wash it after you get to your room and once it dries you’ll be ready to go.

Order a replacement online. Use a discount and coupon site such as Groupon to find deals on bedding, appliances, and more at a great price. Major retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond use Groupon for marketing and you can have the item shipped directly to your destination. Often they even offer free shipping!

If you’re traveling by automobile use the Groupon app to locate a deal nearby. Just enter the city or postal code where you’re at then add your search criteria. Local stores and their deals will pop up, and you can swing by and pick up that pillow or jacket.

Rough it. Unless it’s something you absolutely cannot live without, you can probably tough it out for a few days. If you forgot your jacket wear a sweater over your shirt; if you miss your favorite pillow ask the hotel if they have any special ones that compare. After all, you can’t always get what you want, but you usually can make do with what you have!… Read More

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Discover The Hidden Charm of Indonesia by Travelling Through Ferry

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Many places around the world are filled with beauty and almost all the people wish to enjoy those places with their family members or some of the people love to enjoy and visit those kinds of places single. One such place which is known for its natural beauty is the Indonesia. It is the place which is famous for islands, malls and many other places. Among the famous tourist spots available, Indonesia is regarded to be as one of the famous tourist spots. If you are planning for a trip to Indonesia, then surely it will be the nice and memorable trip for your family members.

Some of the people love to travel many places and they also dream about their transportation. Well planning must be needed to get on the trip and those planned actions should be done accordingly. Planning for a trip includes booking tickets for the ferry or some kinds of transportations and making luggage arrangements and some may also help to make things clear. Some of the people love to travel in ferry. The reason is that the person had already enjoyed the ferry experience or he might have dreamt about it. By travelling in the best ferry to the beautiful destinations makes the people to get more memorable moments along with the fun which can be cherished even years later.

Some of the important features which should not be missed in the Indonesia include the following:

Spa and massage:

Indonesia is the place which is known for the process of spa and massage. People visiting Indonesia love to get spa and massage there which gives us relief from all our body pain and also gives relief from our stress and depression handled over months.

Fresh seafood dining:

For those people, who love to enjoy different area food variety and make themselves delighted for what they want. Indonesian sea food will definitely add up flavor to your tongue and all this kinds of foods cannot be tasted at any part of the world with the taste as tasted here.

Nagoya hill mall shopping:

Some of the people love to do shopping and some of the people wish to discover new thing around the area to where they were travelling. Likewise, in order to make those people happier there is a huge mall in Indonesia where many varieties of things are available for home need.

Trail activities at the North coast:

Some of the people love to experience thrill adventures in their life. Will you believe there is a separate place in Indonesia for these activities? Those people can enjoy the thrill activities at this place.

By reading this article, many people have dreamt about visiting Indonesia. One of the easiest ways is to book ferry tickets in order to view the natural beauty of Indonesia. Log on to the website and book ferry ticket to batam and enjoy your trip.

 … Read More

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Getting Relaxation with Portable Hammocks

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We live our lives everyday to work for our needs and wants. Life as an adult has been all about responsibilities and obligations for us to survive on our own. We do admit that working everyday can be stressful; thus, we can never avoid wishing for a vacation just to get away from all the pressure and hardships. Because of this, we find our own little ways to relax; even at our own homes.

What is your idea of relaxation? Most people relate relaxation to the feeling that you get when you lie on your portable hammock for camping and snoozing under a shade in your own backyard. Yes, that is life! Nothing beats the feeling of having no worries and no stresses; for ones, just be carefree. It is a great feeling to be able to take a nap in your own free time and completely get lost in your dreams. This is a great idea of relaxation: freeing your self from various stressors (even to your eyes). You can do this on your weekends: from dawn to dusk.


Having a portable hammock can be a good idea because it can help you have your own version of what a vacation should be even at your own homes. Being able to just lie around and feel the freshness of your backyard, and being able to view your beautiful landscapes is almost equal to going in a camping trip. You can just be idle and lazy in a great Sunday afternoon and bring back the good feeling within your selves with the aid of fresh air and a sprinkle of sunshine. In addition to all of this good stuff, you can even comfortably get a tan just simple by laying on it.

You can even stay out at night and go stargazing with this portable hammocks. While the night is dark and the stars are twinkling bright, bring out your pillows and blankets and take time view the heavenly bodies. You can look for the big and little dipper or try to check out of the various constellations. This can set you in the mood for the real sleep by getting you all dreamy and fuzzy. When you hit your beds, you have already steer clear away from the bad memories that you got from work, and you will be on to a more pleasurable dreams to soothe you even more.

Hammock For Camping

A hammock camping can be perfect your relaxation trip. You can share your relaxation techniques to your loved ones; paving way for a sense of well-being to everybody at home. You can even take time with your partners and cuddle up in the night while you do stargazing. This can be a great romantic treat for your partners. You can also share it with your kids and tell great stories. This will not only be your way of relaxation but also for them.

Hammock Camping

There are so many ways of relaxation but all … Read More